Thursday, June 3, 2010

Publisher calls for more creative writing

By NATION Correspondent

Upcoming authors have been urged to venture into creative writing.

The Kenya Publishers Association Chairperson, Ms Nancy Karimi, said there is need to encourage a reading and writing culture among people.
Speaking during the association’s Coast regional bookfair, Ms Karimi said the country’s education system has put more emphasis on academics than learning.

Ms Karimi said individuals, especially in higher educational institutions, mainly focus on examinations, but described learning as a lifelong process.

“Publishers are evaluating what they are publishing,” said Ms Karimi adding that what they are publishing is in response to the readers demands.

She said the main challenge facing publishers is the cost of production which she described as high. 

Ms Karimi urged coast residents to turn out in large numbers at the bookfair which is expected to end on Saturday.

“We have brought publishers to people who ought to come out and see the range of books,” Ms Karimi.

Among the range of books at the fair, which is being held at Star of the Sea Girls high school, include motivational and school text books.

Several school children and a few parents attended yesterday official opening of the book fair but officials are optimistic the numbers will increase.