Police probe Uber taxi driver attack

Monday February 22 2016

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Police have launched an investigation on four men who attacked and injured a driver after an Uber taxi was burnt down along Kirichwa Road on Sunday night.

Addressing journalist outside City Hall, the Nairobi Police chief Japheth Koome said the taxi driver was dropping off a passenger when another car blocked his way and four occupants stormed out armed with a jerrycan of petrol before pouring it on the taxi and set it on fire.

Hesbon Pachety the driver speaking on phone said that he had taken a client from riverside to Kirichwa road, Kilimani at around 9pm when he reversed his car to go back to Westlands, a car drove past him and blocked his way.

Mr Hesbon said that a man threw a bottle of beer at him and started screaming “Uber” when a second man came out throwing stones, then another man came with a club when he decided to open his car to escape he beat him and locked him inside.


“The man who threw a bottle of beer at me was screaming Uber when he saw me take my phone out while the other one was throwing stones and a third man used a club to beat me on my stomach as he was locking the door so as I could not leave,” said Mr Hesbon.

He said that another man got out of the car with a jerrican of petrol and started pouring petrol on the car then torched it.

He said the fire had caught his left hand and burnt his left ear and head when they thought he was unconscious and sped off.

He unsuccessfully tried to open the door and instead escaped through the window, the burning car attract passersby who helped him and took him to Nairobi Women Adams Arcade.

”I was lucky that I was rushed to the Hospital by good Samaritans and am undergoing treatment,” said Mr Hesbon.

Mr Hesbon said that he did not see the number plates of the attackers since they were covered, neither could recognise whether the car was black or blue as it was dark.

The police Boss Mr Koome however said that with the CCTV cameras have identified the suspects and that the car was black as they were following on other leads.