Sunday, February 5, 2012

KWS board to run paperless operations

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has introduced a new web application system that will enable its board of trustees to run operations without paper.

The system is part of a green strategy adopted by the service in its endeavour to go green and enhance efficiency using technology.

The concept, a partnership with Software Technologies Limited, will eliminate use of paper in board meetings as the system allows users to access relevant board documents anywhere via the internet.

“The e-Board system enables a quick deployment of information using internet that will help KWS reduce on their expenditure and enhance conservation and environmental awareness,” Mr Michael Odhiambo- KWS head of Information Communication Technology said.

Mr Odhiambo added that with the system in place, only the master document that requires signing will be printed while other documents will be loaded into the system and accessed easily by members.

“The system greatly increases security of important documents by reducing the potential risk of board material getting into the wrong hands or being misplaced."