Thursday, February 14, 2013

Plan to turn Kenya into key ICT hub launched

Plans underway to ensure all households are ICT-ready
Information PS, Dr Bitange Ndemo. Photo/FILE
Information PS, Dr Bitange Ndemo. Photo/FILE

Kenya will be banking on deeper integration of ICT in the current education system and business processes to transform into a knowledge-based society by 2017.

In a highly ambitious national ICT master plan, the country hopes to register more than 500 new companies, create over 50,000 jobs in the sector and have every homestead connected to high speed and affordable internet over the next five years.

The plan, launched on Thursday by the Ministry of Information and Communications and the Kenya ICT Board, seeks to drive adoption of the Vision 2030 priorities through ICT policies and initiatives as the country evolves into a middle-level income society.


“Every citizen, home and institution will be connected through a robust, accessible and affordable countrywide ICT infrastructure. Kenya will become the leading ICT hub in Africa, attracting leading global players and generating globally-respected local entrepreneurship and innovation,” Communications permanent secretary Bitange Ndemo said at the launch.

Already served with four undersea fibre optic cables, Kenya has made big strides in achieving high speed connectivity.

However, high inland fibre costs are denying consumers the chance to enjoy cheap connectivity.

New IBM Research Lab Africa director Kamal Bhattachrya said research was vital to achieve objectives of the plan.