BOOK REVIEW: This Is How You Lose Her

Thursday September 14 2017

Junot Diaz has three books to his name - this

Junot Diaz has three books to his name - this one, for me, takes the prize. PHOTO| FILE 

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Many people who have read his books immediately notice that the stories revolve around the same protagonist: Yunior, a young Latino man unlucky in love who is exploring why all his relationships went awry through the perspectives of the men around him, and their relationships, as well as his own.

In this short story collection, some stories have been published as individual chapters/stories on their own in international publications, Junot tells stories that weave together into a tapestry of beautiful tales.

"Anyway, I won’t bore you with what happens after she finds out. The begging, the crawling over glass, the crying.

Let’s just say that after two weeks of this, of my driving out to her house, sending her letters, and calling her at all hours of the night, we put it back together. Didn’t mean I ever ate with her family again."