Saturday, August 9, 2008

Jimwat outdoes himself

Everytime an artiste tries to do a song about the ills in the society, they tend to do boring songs that just appeal to the NGO donors and always fail to strike the right chord.

So, when I heard the new song by Jimw@t talking about corruption, bribery to be specific, I did not take a keen interest until he started rapping.

“Sitoi kitu kidogo” start on a high note with the beat doing a voice over about how he’s fed up with bribing cops and then dives straight to the chorus and its one catchy verse that will get you singing along three seconds later.

The first verse will now get you smiling so hard its unbelievable, because of the inclusion of the voice that we all know can only represent the Kenyan police and whoever does it keeps up with the beat.

The narration will remind you of his track “Under 18” and Mejja’s “Kwani jana kulienda aje” and I have to give it to him for bringing out an almost true picture of what a cop will take you through once you cross their path.

“Kaa sina mia mia, hawaezi nihurimia... Bana najua rights zangu, hiyo sio right. Ati unaright.. Mi naona unawrong! Beba yeye, nika ni mathree, beba yeye?”

Is just one of the memorable lines that Jimwat brilliantly includes the cop.

Whether Jimw@t has been to jail is not certain but anyone whose been there will tell you that the artiste is on the right track and reminisces a script more than a song.

Calif has outdone themselves because the track is hot and it surely more than helps the song grow into you yet its not a complicated beat that will get you wondering how they came up with it.

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