Activists hold anti-GMO demo in Nairobi

Thursday September 17 2015

Activists demonstrate against introduction of

Activists demonstrate against introduction of Genetically Modified foods in the country along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi on September 17, 2015. PHOTO | ROBERT NGUGI | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

Activists opposing the introduction of genetically modified foods on Thursday held a demonstration in Nairobi.

The activists, who included scientists, faulted Deputy President William Ruto for supporting the lifting of the ban on genetically modified (GM) organisms in Kenya.

Mr Ruto recently announced that the ban would be lifted in two months to boost food security in Kenya.

On Thursday, activist David Otieno claimed GM foods are harmful and should not be allowed in the country.

“The deputy president is going against our constitutional right to choose what we eat and maintain healthy lives. He needs to change his decision and consider our plight,” he said.

Nutrition expert Hellen Ngema said genetically modified foods are harmful to people’s health and introducing them would affect generations to come.

“We need to stand by our country’s economy and fight for the rights of our farmers. Biotechnology is not bad but the introduction of genetically modified foods is unethical and unsafe,” she added.

Ms Ngema called upon Kenyans not to allow the introduction of the foods in the country.