Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Immigration department launches patriotism campaign- Jane Waikenda

Director of Immigration Jane Waikenda.

Director of Immigration Jane Waikenda. Photo/FILE  

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The government has launched a campaign to encourage immigration officials countrywide embrace patriotism in service delivery.

The 'stop and think campaign' that is the brainchild of the Immigration department urges officials to conduct due diligence in performing their duties.

"The campaign is essentially meant to tell every officer that before you stamp that document, before you issue that passport, Identity card or citizenship, can you stop for once and think about the country. Can you think about your own security as a citizen of this country? That is the way we want to work,” the Director of Immigration Jane Waikenda said Wednesday.

She said the department had instituted changes meant to tighten security at border points, airports and passport issuance sections.


Her comments came as it emerged that former District Commissioners have been recruited to manage crucial dockets in the Immigration department. At least 16 former administrators have reported to Nyayo House to take up their new responsibilities.

"All I can tell you is that yes we have had to do one or two adjustment here and there but all in all the motive is just to ensure better quality of service to our people and most importantly to ensure that everybody coming into the country meets the necessary conditions to be allowed into the country. The only objective it to make the country good for everybody,” she said.

The divisions that will be affected by the changes include the investigations and prosecutions department that deals with all immigrations related offences.

The measures come in the wake of the Westgate Mall terror attack of September 21 where suspected al-Shabaab militants stormed the mall and opened fire indiscriminately, maiming and killing shoppers.

A multi-agency operation ended the four-day siege.

Some 67 people died and many others were injured in the deadly attack.