Ken Wafula: Karim Khan wants me to back case

Wafula claims he is being wooed to become one of Ruto's defence witnesses

Sunday August 18 2013

PHOTO | FILE Deputy President William Ruto’s lawyer Karim Khan in The Hague.

PHOTO | FILE Deputy President William Ruto’s lawyer Karim Khan in The Hague. NATION MEDIA GROUP

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A human rights activist has sensationally claimed that he is being wooed to become one of Deputy President William Ruto’s defence witnesses at ICC.

Mr Ken Wafula, the director of Centre for Human Rights and Democracy, claims the offer was made by Mr Ruto’s lawyer Karim Khan at a meeting on August 12 at Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi.

The trial of Mr Ruto together with broadcaster Joshua arap Sang has been scheduled for September 10 in The Hague. The two together with President Kenyatta have been accused of masterminding the 2007/08 post-election violence that claimed over 1,000 lives and displacement of at least 650,000 people.

In a signed affidavit dated August 17, Mr Wafula says; “…Karim Khan asked me to be a defence witness and offered to arrange all the necessary witness support and protection. My conscience is clear. I have (been) consistent and persistent in my clamour for justice for the victims of the post-election violence… I cannot deviate from that.”

He says the lawyer had in the meeting sought lots of information relating to the violence.

Mr Khan allegedly sought information on who funded the witnesses’ protection, their names, location, families, their numbers, and how much was spent on each of them.

“But I declined to give him the true account,” he says.


The lawyer also wanted to be given witnesses’ documents, particularly their statements on when they were first threatened.

Mr Wafula says he intends to write to the ICC and notify them that any use of all or part of the conversation between him and Mr Khan would be illegal.

Contacted Mr Khan said; “Am sure that Mr Wafula knows the importance of speaking the truth and the consequences of swearing false affidavits.”

He said his team abides by the highest standards of professional ethics and expressed confidence that ICC judges would be able to penetrate the various falsehoods that had permeated the case.