Waiguru has a tougher fight ahead now that Jubilee is also bracing for collision

She should have smelt a rat after Ms Kabura had a date with police investigating the goings-on at NYS.

Sunday February 28 2016

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The One upstairs, Waheguru, may be called upon to save one Ms Anne Waiguru from her headlong fall from the heavenly stars of power to the earthly stables of ignominy.

By implicating Deputy President William Ruto’s foremost sidekicks — Mr Aden Duale and Mr Kipchumba Murkomen — in the plunder of public money, Ms Waigiru waded into the shark pool of high level and high risk politics and is swimming in very dangerous waters indeed.

If she wants to appreciate the danger she faces in terms of her image, career and future, she may want to take note of what House Majority Leader Duale said about her on Wednesday, how he said it, and why he might have spoken the way he did.

Mr Duale runs at the mouth and speaks from both corners of it anytime and all the time, but Ms Waiguru may want to appreciate that no politician from the governing Jubilee Coalition would have taken her on in the ferocious manner in which Mr Duale did before she resigned from her increasingly powerful and cross cutting position of Cabinet Secretary for Devolution and Planning late last year.

Mr Duale typified Ms Waiguru as a thief without calling her one. He gave credence to the now famous Kabura affidavit, which portrays Ms Waiguru as the villain of the piece in the theft of Sh791 million from the National Youth Service (NYS) without saying so.

He let her know that she was no longer in government and must now learn to regard herself as a very small person.

Ominously, Mr Duale told Ms Waiguru that she should not imagine that those she enabled to make millions from NYS would go scot free. In other words, Mr Duale was saying Ms Waiguru could be arraigned and proceed to do time for her role in the theft of public money.

He was not done; self assured yet keen to intimidate and humiliate, Mr Duale accused Ms Waiguru of plotting to divide the governing Jubilee Coalition parties comprising President Kenyatta’s The National Alliance and the DP’s United Republican Party by portraying the latter as corrupt.


That is coded; deciphered it means Mr Duale was accusing Ms Waiguru of attempting to drive a wedge between the President and his Deputy. The long and short of this is that Ms Waiguru took a beating from Mr Duale.

And this from a man who has stood by her at every turn and hang on her every word since opposition kingpin Raila Odinga last year accused her of presiding over the plunder of taxpayers’ money at the super-rich NYS.

What does this portend? Waiguru may want to remember that as she read her resignation letter, one Abdikadir Mohammed, officially the President’s adviser on constitutional affairs, followed her every word, pause and gesture.

She would not have gone off script; State House keeps her within earshot.

She would herself like to keep it that way which is why before she formally declared she would like to be Nairobi’s next governor, she said she was consulting at high levels.

There may be more consultations now that Ms Waiguru has been fingered in court papers as a crucial player in siphoning of public money from the NYS contrary to the whistleblower role she assigned herself last year and now that she has, in a replying affidavit, fingered the DP’s lieutenants.

With her reputation needing to be rescued from the cesspool of corruption and Jubilee seriously keen to capture the governorship of Nairobi, Ms Waiguru will have a tough fight not to be cast aside as surplus to the governing coalition’s nomination needs in Nairobi. In this, she may remember that Mr Duale threatened to suspend every public duty in order to concentrate on ensuring her assets are frozen.

The suggestion? They are proceeds of corruption and, shorn of her ministerial power, having taken a jibe at politicians, cut adrift by URP and being a political greenhorn, she is not only fair game but also vulnerable.

May be Ms Waiguru should have smelt a rat the moment it emerged that Ms Kabura, who says she was her business partner, had a date with police investigating the goings-on at NYS.

When told what the charges she was likely to face were and facing sleuths alone, Ms Kabura was likely to think of her safety first.

Extrapolate that to the political plane and you will realise this: If the Jubilee top brass regards Ms Waiguru as a threat or stain on their ambitions, she will be dropped like a hot brick.

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