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Muslim scholars fault Sheikh Rogo martyrs’ burial

Sunday September 16 2012



The burial of Sheikh Aboud Rogo did not follow the laid- down rules of Islamic funerals, Muslim scholars have said.

Sheikh Ibrahim Lethome and Sheikh Abdullatif Abdulka­rim told a weekly Islamic newspaper that Sheikh Rogo did not deserve the martyrs’ burial that he was accorded.

Sheikh Lethome told The Friday Bulletin that the preacher, who was gunned down by unknown people, ought to have been buried like an ordinary Muslim.

After his gruesome murder along the Mombasa-Malindi highway, Sheikh Rogo was buried at Manyimbo Muslim Cemetery in Tudor with his blood-soaked clothes without being given the ritual bath.

The interment was also conducted without the body being shrouded. Sheikh Abdulka­rim said that such a death did not deserve the unique burial bestowed on those who die on battle front in the cause of Is­lam.

“There are two levels of martyrdom, one who dies in jihad in the cause of Allah and those who are rewarded with the virtues of martyrdom such as a woman who dies while giving birth and a person who meets his death through drowning,” argued Sheikh Abdulkarim.

“While the former is accorded a martyr’s burial, the latter is buried like an ordinary Muslim though the person achieves a higher rank of a martyr in the hereafter,” he added.

However, Sheikh Lethome and Sheikh Abdulka­rim rejected a proposal by an investigations team commissioned by the Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko to exhume Sheikh Rogo’s body to help in the work.

They said exhuming the body is disrespectful to the deceased, and against Islamic principles.