Special texture paint: the in-thing this year

Thursday February 7 2013

By IMMACULATE WAIRIMU [email protected]

Walls command a lot of attention in any room, and can enhance or destroy the ambiance of a place.

When the same walls boast a unique and elegant surface finish, they become an attractive feature, some sort of a centre of attraction.

That is why special textured paint is now replacing the dull and unexciting traditional white, cream, and plain textures on concrete walls, gypsum, plasterboard, metal, and wooden surfaces.

Moshe Noiman, director of Classic Moldings Limited, says these paints are ideal for any environment, both interior and exterior, and have natural pigments that are stable and resistant to ultraviolet light.

They give a building friendly finishes and are vapour permeable, allowing the structure to breathe.

Suitable for both commercial and residential properties, they are available in different colours and the textures are easy to maintain with use of a damp cloth or a household cleaner.

Some are weather, water, fungus, algae, acid, and alkali resistant and are thus suitable for wet areas like bathrooms, toilets, and the kitchen.

When applied, they give, among other effects, a classic sandy and smooth metallic finish, a stone replica look, a shiny velvety feel, and a marble outcome.

They present appearances that range from classic and elegant to a unique vintage, antique, or rustic look.

“They are flexible in application and take on any shape, cover curves, contours, intricate structural shapes and designs, and can be applied in nooks and corners,” says Mr Noiman.

These new colours are found everywhere, from sitting pretty on focal walls in South B, Runda, Kyuna, and Westlands to livening offices in the Nairobi central business district.

“The available shades in African themes, earthy colours like brown, green, and other hues of red, yellow, gold, and silver give an aura of spicy calmness... and much much more from the varied texture and tints they provide,” says Mr Franklin Karani, the technical manager, Classic Moldings Limited.

Mr Karani says that since the start of the new government, the economy and the suppressed middle class have grown and embraced innovations in information technology and housing construction in Kenya.

He says that, before, having a house painted at a cost of around Sh100,000 was not only economically prohibitive, but was also seen as an idea that did not make economic sense, which is not the case now.

And there are promises galore: Krystalia, as the name suggests, presents a crystal look that conveys impressive light reflection as a decorative effect and gives areas such as the lounge, living or dining room an elegant and lively sensation.

These paints give a modern classic appearance, which gives uniqueness and style to a wall.

Encausto Fiorentino presents a sophisticated, opaque or semi-opaque marble-look effect that gives flair, class, and charm to the wall and, subsequently, the house.

Nahir, just like Krystalia and Encausto Fiorentino, creates an abstract transparency, infusing deep, unique and fascinating dark and light colour contrast that allows one to create endless effects with it.

Distinguished but never boring, Anticco is a polished plaster finish for interior and exterior use that produces a durable, decorative and natural appeal, similar to tanned leather or finer grades of polished or honed sedimentary stone, is smooth yet hard to the touch, gently mottled with soft visual sheen.

An Anticco finish will give flair and grace that illuminates the interiors and exteriors of an ordinary looking house.

It also has a characteristic finish that captures the impression of “movement,” created when plaster is troweled, to replicate ancient patinas or create entirely contemporary looks.  

Stucco provides a smooth and glossy coating with a natural shine for interior use. It is easy, convenient, and quick to apply with excellent coating ability.

Highly adhesive and non-toxic, it can achieve various levels of sheen, with varied textures such as giraffe, squares, bushfire, and dragged feel suitable for any residential and commercial use.

Caravaggio paint gives off a rose flower scent during and after application that could not only be used in relaxation areas like spas, bedrooms, hotel rooms, and lounge areas, but also in other rooms in the house and in commercial centres like banks and shopping malls.

Characterised by cloudy texture, breathable, water-repellent, and highly adhesive, Terra offers more than 40 standard colours that may be customised to meet special design requirements.

Available in various textures, it is suitable for a single or double coat application.