Eric Omondi: Churchill Live gave me a second chance

Saturday October 16 2010

Comedian Eric Omondi. Photo/DENNIS ONYANGO

Photo/FILE Comedian Eric Omondi.  


Buzz: What happened? Did you fall out with Churchill after Churchill Live season one?

Eric: That is a misconception. Churchill Live was on recess, I needed to try out on my own, and that’s how I came up with the Hawayu show.

What changed your mind?

If you are a comedian, most of the time you need to listen to your fans. The people I entertain wanted me to stick to Churchill Live as they felt it was not yet time for me to go solo.

Do you have any regrets?

No regrets at all, in fact, it was the best experience in my career as a comedian and I learnt a lot during that time both the positive and negative.

Now that you are back, what is your game plan?

I don’t have a game plan; in comedy, one never has a drawn game plan. You simply do what you do best and keep your audience wanting more.

What is your comedy style?

I call it all-inclusive. I do stand up, slap stick comedy, where clips and videos are involved, as well as mimicry.

How are you managing your career as a producer or did you ditch that all together?

My production career is on hold right now as I focus more on comedy. When we go on recess, I will be able to have ample time to do production.

What do you think of Naija comedians?

They are great! Their comedy is very original and captivates a wide range of audiences. They have already invaded the Kenyan industry so if we don’t up our game, they might take over, but we are not going to let them.

We heard you were in some scandal with a certain girl.

That is not true! She was a friend of mine whom I had not met in a long time. I bumped into her at Galileo Lounge and we had drinks and parted ways. Whoever came up with any other story is mistaken, I’m a very straightforward guy.

Are you dating someone?

I have a friend!! (Laughs)


I have a friend let us just leave it at that…

What do you listen to, you truly can dance and sort of sing in your pieces?

I love local music any time especially Nameless and Wahu, they are a great couple.

Is that why you are always using Nameless and Wahu songs for your comedy?

As I said, I just love their music and my stylist easily does my make up to depict them. The fact that Nameless has no name and Wahu is missing an owner – Wa Who? – is also hilarious.

Are you in any way trying to be Kajairo?

No. Kajairo is a talented comedian who does song remixes, mine is usually not about the music but it focuses on the comedy bit. There can only be one Kajairo.

What is your relationship with Churchill?

Churchill is like a big brother to me, he has mentored and shown me how to overcome challenges in the comedy industry. We are also very close off stage.

Honestly, do you think you will last?

I am here to stay and will definitely last. I breathe and live comedy and nothing is going to stop me.

How much are you making from comedy?

Enough to sustain me. People have started appreciating comedy and the pay is not bad at all. I also do emceeing jobs and I am soon starting on some endorsements and adverts. I can’t complain.

What is your advice to those who want to do comedy?

Be original. My originality comes mostly from daily observation. Find what makes you tick and fuel it. I would advise anyone who wants to venture into comedy to think seriously first. Comedy is like music, if you can’t sing don’t sing thus if you can’t make your audience laugh, you are doomed.

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