Gor must be punished

Sunday March 25 2012

Gor Mahia fans cheer the team during their premiership a past match against Thika United. Photo/FILE

Gor Mahia fans cheer the team during their premiership a past match against Thika United. Photo/FILE 


The hype around the game was incredible, the end product was the exact opposite – a most boring display of football. I have no issue with boring, that’s quite okay. No one dies of boredom regardless of the quality and quantity.

People do die however from crowd violence at football games and in yet another incident of violence at a Kenyan football match, Gor Mahia are right in the middle of it again.

It’s too much and it has to stop. The only way to stop Gor Mahia fans is to punish their club. They need to know that actions have consequences.

The KPL must take serious action against Gor. I suggest they make K’galo play the remainder of their games this season behind closed doors or at least the next ten plus no broadcasting, and a cash fine.

K’Ogalo is without question the most well supported club in the country. I think it is also the club that makes the most money from merchandising. None of the above is a reason for the behaviour of Gor fans on Sunday and for other occasions in the past.

KPL must show Gor that it will no longer tolerate the misbehaviour of its fans. Gor v Leopards is the poster tie of Kenyan football and Gor messed it up.

Kenyan football has a future. The quality of players and the game is steadily rising and soon Kenyans will come back to the local game in a big way. But incidents like the one last Sunday only delays that future.

Well behaved and responsible

The bottom line is simple, Gor must pay – and heavily. KPL and FKF must crack the whip with relish – that is how you protect and win the future of Kenyan football. A future where Gor Mahia will probably be the most well supported team in the country but its supporters well behaved and responsible.

Moving on, Lionel Messi broke Barcelona’s goal scoring record on Tuesday night after scoring a hat trick against Granada. The scary thing is he is only 24. That means he has another ten years or so at the highest level, he may set a record that may never be broken.

Messi now has 234 goals for Barcelona. He scored his 18th hat trick – another record – and all this days after he became the first player to score five in a Champions League game. He is at 54 goals for the season with 13 games to go. Phenomenal.

To England where Man City came from behind to put pressure on Man U by beating Chelsea. That win is a direct message to Alex Ferguson and his players and it says bring it on, let’s fight. That makes the next ten games for both clubs very interesting.

Carlos Tevez came back and provided the assist for the winning goal, a very clever return pass, which Nasri finished nicely.

Arsenal moved into third after beating Everton 1-0, David Moyes team was denied a good goal by the offside flag though. They are swimming in relief at the Emirates now but the job is not yet done, ten games is a lot of football.

Spurs and Chelsea could still spoil the party and or Arsenal can do it themselves. They have lost their nerve at critical times before.

Spurs need to snap out of their funk and quick or they will lose out on both third and fourth place.

Torres scored two last weekend. Just thought I should acknowledge that.