Varsity girls who will do anything for money

Sunday May 19 2013

With the financial strain experienced in campus, this place can be best defined as a place where the rule of survival for the fittest reigns supreme.

Whatever you do, you don’t care what people will think. Every comrade wants the semester to just end and move on.

Means are improvised to earn extra income, apart from the little money given by the government and parents. Male comrades experience more problems earning that extra coin compared to girls.

Some comrades decide to teach in nearby schools, sell credit cards to fellow comrades, become middlemen who sell laptops, calculators, and even cars, all in an effort to sustain their livelihoods.

But thanks to last week’s shocking revelation of girls who were caught allegedly engaging in bestiality, the conversation has shifted to girls in institutions of higher learning. Let us look at the few rotten ones that give us a bad name.

If lecturers were given an avenue to share their experiences in those lecture hall, emotions would run high as they narrate how they suffer at the hands of some female students. Majority of them dress to kill.

The mini-skirts and open blouses leave little to the imagination and as the women expose what their selfless mamas gave them. Wise and experienced lecturers, before introducing their first class, give instructions on how their students should dress and generally behave.

A comrade who doesn’t heed these instructions is always kicked out of class. Some time back, a lecturer had to stop lecturing and left the hall when he could not stand the sight of a girl who sat right in front of him, legs spread open, thighs exposed and breasts threatening to pop out.

That’s possibly the strength of a college girl, that she could blow a professor’s mind through such a simple act.

Ever noted that weekends are busier than weekdays? Classy vehicles with tinted windows are parked outside hostels on Friday nights as half-naked girls are ushered in.

After closely watching them from my window for days, I have noted that majority of the vehicle owners are white men who outdo locals in many ways. I was once surprised to see eight girls getting into one vehicle only to be dropped back on Monday morning.

Rumours doing the rounds that girls are usually picked by their customer for “work”. And work they do. They engage in shooting of pornographic movies, usually bought through the Internet. For that, they pocket a lot of money which allows them to lead a posh lifestyles that not many comrades can afford.

But the recent incident in Mombasa surpasses all. It’s said that among the 12 women allegedly caught having sex with a dog, majority, if not all, were university girls. From man to dog and God knows what next.

Remember all this is done in the name of money. Those girls were being paid a measly Sh3,000.

While many are wondering how one can do such stuff for that amount of money, to many college students, that’s jackpot money. With an ordinary student spending Sh40 in a day, then with Sh3,000 you can go for close to three months hustle-free.

At their age, most girl would do anything to buy a nicer wig than her friends, a better perfume than the lecturer and be the talk of the campus.

All these come at a cost and many are willing to stoop that low to achieve status. To them, the law of delayed gratification does not apply. It is a sad sight but what can you do?

Let the few who can afford to live within their means do so but here’s the thing: not all college girls are willing to be prostitutes or lie with animals for money.