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Dealing with the homosexual question

Sunday January 13 2013


Sodomy is a sin. However, merely feeling same-sex attraction does not make a man guilty of sin.

When I feel like stealing but do not steal, I overcome temptation and God is pleased with me.

Some are convinced that Christian logic must be rejected. They may even accuse me of hate speech.

In their eyes, religious belief constitutes a prejudice that makes me a social bigot. If I insist that sodomy is evil because it causes harm to both the individual and society, they conclude: “You’re the one causing harm.” But it is absurd to accuse me of hate speech precisely when it is love for others that leads me to help them.

Today anyone who objects to promiscuous habits may end up being labelled. Conservative makes it a question of political choice, as if a vote would settle the issue. Fundamentalist implies an inability to reason.

Because of the Bible’s teaching on homosexual behaviour, some will call me homophobic. This implies that the Bible must be wrong for saying that homosexual acts do harm—at least as much harm as adultery and fornication.

It also implies that I believe what the Bible says only because I suffer from a psychological defect. This defect supposedly arises from an obsessive fear caused by my inability to deal with people I do not understand.

The harm done

This new label short-circuits discussion on the key issue. Are homosexual acts good or evil? Isn’t sodomy evil for the same reason that adultery, fornication, incest and pornography are evil?

The answer is obvious to all who appreciate the harm done by any kind of promiscuous behaviour. But society has reduced sex to entertainment. No form of lust is considered harmful as long as it concerns consenting adults.

Worse still, we are headed towards a society that reduces sex to a form of breathing. Anyone who objects to adultery, pornography or homosexuality will be treated the way you would treat a man trying to suffocate his neighbour.

To counteract this trend, we can proclaim what Christ proclaimed: “Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God.” This doesn’t mean it will be easy to deal with temptation. We need God’s grace to struggle against our evil inclinations.

A man needs it when it’s a case of a homosexual who has to stop going to clubs where he will meet friends interested in acts of sodomy or it’s a case of a heterosexual caught in a web of adulterous relationships and pornographic addiction.