Dress up your walls with decals

Saturday March 2 2013


If your walls could speak, what would they say? Many walls would probably cry foul for being neglected, but homeowners and tenants would likely put a quick rejoinder about wallpaper being a luxury many would love to indulge in, but are put off by its permanence and hefty price tag.

These two factors understandably induce a degree of commitment phobia in even the most decisive decor enthusiast. But if living with stark, bare walls is a form of torture for you and you are are hesitant to take the wallpaper plunge, look no further than wall decals.

Wall decals are basically the grown-up version of the stickers you loved to stick on every possible surface when you were a child. Unlike the children’s version, wall decals are large, high quality stickers that do not fade or peel off randomly.

Some wall decals, such as the Roomates brand, come with the added advantage of being removable and re-usable in case you move house or decide you want to update your decor. You can also peel them off and re-position them to make sure you get the look you want. 

The selection gets bigger and bigger every day, and a number of designs are available locally, including the children’s wall range, borders, and the home decor range.


Hobbycraft Creations at Muthaiga shopping centre. They are also available at Toy World stores, TACC stores in Lavington, and the online retailer, My Strawberry Store: www.mystrawberrystore.com, and some retailers on Facebook.

Pricing usually ranges from Sh1,500 for peel-and-stick mirrors to Sh1,850 and above for wall decals and borders. Mega packs cost Sh5,000 and above.