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Friday September 24 2010


By RHODA ORENGO, [email protected]


Have you ever wondered how two people who used to love each other so much can end up being such great enemies that they can’t even stand being in the same room?

What would drive a man to stalk his wife and throw acid in her face disfiguring her for life? What kind of hatred or rage could have driven a woman like Lorena Bobbitt to do what she did to her husband?

In our first feature, Josaya Wasonga looks at the issue of love and what happens when it turns to hate. Turn to “ When love turns sour’ and find out just what it is that drives former lovers to do insane things that even they wouldn’t believe they were incapable of.

Our second feature by Damaris Irungu talks about the kind of habits women must never tolerate from their men. I won’t say more. Find out for yourself.
In femalespeak, Njoki Kaigai addresses those women who, when they get into a love relationship, promptly forget about their female friends and immerse themselves completely into the new man’s life…sometimes to their disadvantage when the affairs breaks down.

It’s like Jackson Biko and Njoki were on the same wavelength on this issue of women and friendship. Biko calls it women’s fickle friendship in Mantalk. Busted has taken a small break but will be back soon.

We have your usual interesting columns and hope you will enjoy all that we have served you this weekend.


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