Hands-on review: Tecno T3 is smart and affordable

Monday August 6 2012

By ESMOND SHAHONYA [email protected]

Tecno Telecom LTD has unveiled an exquisite and affordable smartphone. The new handset, Tecno T3, is likely to make a hit in the market, given its features, price, and unique design.

Tecno T3 is a dual SIM smartphone. Both SIM cards are active and data-enabled for Internet access. The gadget has a sensitive capacitive touchscreen of 3.5 inches with crystal clear resolution of 640x480. Tecno T3 is an ultra-touch smartphone with the only physical buttons being those for power and volume control on the side.

Touch buttons

It has capacitive touch buttons for home, menu, back, and search. The smartphone runs on a powerful ARM processor chip with multitasking capabilities.

The smartphone has a good network performance with excellent connectivity to 3G networks as well as high speed packet access for data (HSPA) and enhanced data rates for GSM evolution (EDGE).  There is multimedia support and data storage capacity of 8GB. The smartphone has a RAM of 256MB and ROM of 512MB.

The Tecno T3 smartphone runs on Google’s Android operating system version 2.3.5, which has capabilities of supporting an enriched menu of features.

The Android operating system provides more intuitive text input in virtual keyboard, a user friendly UI, support for SIP VoIP Internet telephony, improved power management, and access to a wide range of Apps in the Android store.

The system enhancements that come along with the Android OS are evident from the design of the Tecno T3 smartphone. Android 2.3.5 has notable camera software enhancements. This makes the Tecno T3 shine with a dual camera system.

Video call

The front facing camera is designed for video-calling while the rear camera of 3.0 megapixels, suitable for video and ordinary photography. With the Tecno T3, a user can comfortably perform Skype video-calling and also capture events in video format. The Tecno T3 has support for HTML and video formats like MPEG-4, WMV, AVI, and 3GP.  

One fact about the Tecno T3 is that it is enriched with features at an affordable price compared to a number of smartphones in the market. The smartphone with an expandible storage capacity of 8GB is expected to retail at Sh8,000.

Tecno Telecom LTD is well known for its top brand dual SIM phones and feature phones. The Tecno brand is a hit in the African market, with users preferring the wide choice and range of phones that suit different tastes.

The company was established in July 2006 in Hong Kong and has since become a major phone supplier in the world and one of the largest manufacturers in China.

Well established

In Africa it is well established in most countries since its focus on the continent market in 2008. Kenyan sales for Tecno mobiles are high with a competitive edge over other brands. The phones are genuine, affordable, and come with a warranty of 13 months.

The Android mobile platform is the world’s most popular operating system (OS). Devices like Tecno T3, which run on the system, have access to more than 600,000 Apps and games that will bolster the mobile experience.

The Tecno T3 has external connectivity via a multi-purpose USB data port, wireless network connection, WLAN 802.11b/g/n, a Bluetooth 3.0, and a 3.5mm standard ear piece jack.

The Tecno T3 comes after a successful market adoption of the Techno T1 smartphone, which hit the mobile scene in April. Users of the Tecno T1 will find the new Tecno T3 more revamped in design and features. The dual SIM technology, expandible memory storage capacity, and enriched features riding on Android OS are a boost to the new Tecno T3 smartphone.

The author is an ICT analyst and a telecommunication engineer.