Tecno N3 is high-performing, pocket friendly smartphone

Tuesday December 11 2012

PHOTO | FILE Tecno promises to release pocket-friendly phones into the Kenyan market.

PHOTO | FILE Tecno promises to release pocket-friendly phones into the Kenyan market. 

By ESMOND SHAHONYA [email protected]

The market for mid-range and low-end smartphones is getting new entrants everyday. In emerging markets like Kenya, these phones are gaining popularity due to their pricing and performance. The latest entrant in the market is the Tecno N3.

Tecno Limited has been a key phone maker in the Kenyan handset industry with a wide range of feature phones.

The firm has seen its market share grow over the years. One fact about Tecno is that its products are tailor-made for both low and middle income earners because of the wide range of Tecno feature phones and smartphones like the Tecno N3 and Tecno T3. Let us have a closer look at the Tecno N3.

The Tecno N3 has a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen with a crystal clear visual experience. The display is bigger than that of a Galaxy Pocket, which spots a 2.8-inch screen. Users can comfortably access multi-media content.

The issue of enjoying multimedia content is further enhanced by a powerful processor and high speed data access. The Tecno N3 links up well with the 3G networks and switches to either EDGE or 2G connectivity in areas where there is no 3G coverage.


The performance of the Tecno N3 is vested in the Android version 2.3.5 software and an improved battery life.

Android 2.3.5 has an application and power management feature in addition to multi-tasking capabilities. Multi-media content runs smoothly with Android 2.3 and higher versions of this operating system.

The Android operating system provides more intuitive text input in virtual keyboard, a user-friendly UI, support for SIP VoIP Internet telephony, improved power management, and access to a wide range of apps.

The Tecno N3 shines with a number of features associated with the Android OS and Google’s app store. The phone has access to over 700,000 apps.

Tecno is banking on the N3 to compete with Samsung, LG, and Nokia in the mid-range category of low-priced smartphones. As the Tecno N3 hits the market this month, users will have a choice between the gadget and Samsung’s Galaxy pocket or Nokia’s Asha or LG’s L3.

The Galaxy and the N3 run on the same version of Android software and share some common features. What could be a game changer for Tecno is its dual SIM capability, polished hardware design, and affordable pricing. The Tecno N3 also has a bigger screen with higher resolution compared to its rivals.

Competition aside, the release of N3 is a notable step into the smartphone world, raising hopes that users will see more of the company’s smart devices in the near future.

Tecno N3 has good performance and is a gadget to bet on. It portrays the company’s clear understanding of the emerging markets.

Strong presence

Tecno Ltd was established in July 2006 in Hong Kong and has a strong presence in several African countries.

The focus on emerging markets, especially Africa, was hatched in a change of business strategy in the company in 2008.

Users in emerging markets like Africa are adopting more smartphones in a trendy way alongside common feature phones.

This is a trend that companies like Tecno are tapping to gain market share. The gadgets are more affordable due to their reasonably lower price tag.

Looking at an emerging market like Kenya, the stakes are high for affordable and good performing smartphones.

High-end smartphones like the Galaxy S3, HTC models, and Nokia Lumia 920 are smarter but a challenge to many people who cannot afford them.

The issue of purchasing power is what gives the mid-range and low-end smartphones their share of the market pie.

Most people are experiencing the marvels of the smartphone world in gadgets that fit in the mid-range and low-end category. The trend is bolstered by mass production of devices based on open software like Android.

The author is an ICT analyst and a telecommunication engineer.