Let the youth read romance books; it’s their starting point

Friday June 14 2013


This is in reference to a reader’s opinion two Saturdays ago, Jane Wanjiku, who argued that high school students read, yes, but only romantic stuff.

They read the likes of Nora Roberts, Danielle Steel and Sheldom.

That is way ahead. I am sure that is a good beginning, for I, too, started off by reading Mills & Boon and Harlequin Romance before graduating to Stephen King, Robert Ludlum and on to political works by Jeffrey Archer.

I also read Wilbur Smith for war stories and James Patterson for crime detective stories. That is moving ahead, right? I must admit, though I still love Judith McNaught.

You see, girls start watching football to drool over the likes of Theo Walcott and Chicharito and, before you know it, they become great fans, enjoying the game and not just the players.

The same goes for metal head rockers. They start listening to the likes of Pink Floyd, The Fray and Avril. Before long, they graduate to Hinder, Skillet, 30 Seconds to Mars and other hard metal bands.

So, my point is the young readers are heading somewhere. If they are reading Insyder, let them. You will not know when they grab the next Forbes and other financial magazines.

Here I am having travelled the same route. I now love my inspirational books by Joel Osteen, Pepe Minambo and Mbugua Mumbi, which I must admit costs an arm and leg to purchase, considering I am a college student.

Now, here I am yearning for more from Wole Soyinka and Binyavanga and my favourite, Mwangi Gicheru. Although I am not yet a fan of poetry, hopefully I will get there.