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NRM Balance Sheet

Thursday January 28 2010


  • Per capita income has risen from $264 (Sh19,800) in 1986 to almost $394 (Sh29,550)
  • Country now collects UGSh4 trillion (Sh160 billion) in revenue compared to UGSh 5billion (Sh200 billion) in 1986
  • Total exports of goods are now approximately $1.3billion of which $1 billion are non coffee exports
  • Number of Ugandans living below the poverty line has fallen to 31 per cent down from 56 per cent in 1988
  • HIV prevalence rates dropped from 32 per cent in 1992 to 6.2 per cent thanks to ABC strategy
  • As of 2007, 7.5million pupils were attending Primary school compared to 2.2million in 1997
  • Economy growing at an average six per cent of GDP.
  • Inflation has been stable at about five per cent per annum until most recently when it shot to 14 per cent
  • Relative peace and security around the country with the exception of northern Uganda


  • Corruption continues to blight President Museveni’s administration
  • Overstaying in power, failure to groom successors
  • Weak infrastructure, hospitals, roads,
  • Real power is centred on the presidency, failure to build independent institutions