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Combine anti-terror teams: US

Wednesday August 20 2008


The United States has proposed that Kenya merges its security agencies to deal effectively with terror threats.

The proposal would see the National Security Intelligence Service, Criminal Intelligence Department, the military and other agencies fall under one body for easier sharing of information and coordination.

The idea was mooted at a meeting between US Congressmen and Internal Security minister George Saitoti on Wednesday.


Mr Bennie Thompson, the head of the US delegation, said focus should be on “fighting a common enemy.”

Citing the US experience after the 9/11 bombing in New York, Mr Thompson said such mergers would help step up the war on terror.

Prof Saitoti said sharing information would help pre-empt future terror attacks.

The proposal comes amid claims that police leaked information to Fazul Abdullah, the mastermind of the August 7, 1998 bombing of US embassy in Nairobi, resulting in his escape. Police have since denied the accusations.