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Somali MPs accept terms

Friday October 31 2008


Somali Federal Transitional Government MPs have welcomed the conditions by regional states to ensure peace and stability returned in the country.

Led by Awad Ahmed Ashareh, the MPs however called for financial support from the international community to revive dysfunctional institutions.

Civil war

Addressing journalists in Nairobi, the MPs said the transitional government needed funds to set up strong police force, prisons department and judiciary.

It further requires funds to resettle about three million people displaced following 18 years of instability.

“We welcome efforts to salvage Somalia from effects of civil war that has left three million displaced. Activities of federal institutions should be financed for them to work,” Mr Ashareh said.

The MPs further want Somalis in diaspora to return and take up jobs currently done by expatriates.

“Money used to hire one foreign expatriate can employ 10 skilled Somalis,” Mr Ashareh said.

On Wednesday, an Igad summit gave Somali authorities conditions to fulfil before its term expires in October next year or face stern action.

President Abdullahi Yusuf and the leaders are to, among other things, appoint a new Cabinet and establish Banadir administration which includes Mogadishu in two weeks.

Step down

Six heads of State and Government also directed the leaders to draft a new constitution in six months.

Meanwhile, Somalia Prime Minister Noor Hassan Hussein said he will resign once a government of national unity is formed with the opposition.

Mr Hussein told a press conference at the Somalia embassy in Nairobi that the TFG is hoping for an extension of its term so that it can fulfil objectives laid out by Igad this week.

The PM’s position would go to the opposition once the unity government is formed. “I will be ready to step down,” Mr Hussein said.

The PM also welcomed the resolutions of the Igad summit.