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Recruitment of nurses on, says Nyong’o

Tuesday November 11 2008

Medical services minister Anyang’ Nyong’o with

Medical services minister Anyang’ Nyong’o with Ms Nivine Ashmawy, the secretary-general of the Egyptian Fund for Technical Co-operation with Africa, when she visited his office on Tuesday. Photo/JOSEPH MATHENGE 

By NATION Reporter

The recruitment of 6,000 nurses is going on and their terms of service will be given priority in next financial year’s budgetary allocation, Medical services minister Anyang’ Nyong’o has said.

The Minister blamed the long process taken to sign agreements between ministries and international financial partners for hampering implementation of donor projects.

Prof Nyong’o made the remarks when he received the secretary-general of Egypt’s technical co-operation for Africa, Ms Nivine Ashmawy on Tuesday.

Financial partners

“I appeal to the Attorney-General and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to act with speed and make agreements signed with international financial partners become a reality,” Prof Nyong’o said.

An Egyptian medical centre with specialised services like kidney transplants and orthopaedic surgery will be built in Kenya.

Such operations are usually performed abroad. The project is estimated to cost Sh4.5 billion. It is yet to get Cabinet approval.

The agreement signed with the Egyptian government includes training of health personnel from Kenya, research and enhanced education with the universities, supply of medicines and vaccines among others.