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Teachers accused of molesting girls

Sunday March 29 2009


Two drunken male teachers sneaked into a girls’ dormitory at a school in Kisii and allegedly sexually harassed the students for hours.

Two girls collapsed and had to be taken to hospital after the five-hour ordeal, which began when the teachers broke into the dormitory at 10 pm, and ended at 3 am.

Drinking spree

The incident comes barely a week after Education minister Prof Sam Ongeri warned teachers against engaging in sex acts with school girls.

The two Mosocho Academy teachers are said to have returned from a drinking spree at a nearby village and made their way to the dormitory as the students slept.

The girls said that the two teachers were in the habit of threatening students who rejected their advances that they risked failing in the mid or end term examinations.

“The two teachers have been pestering most of us for sexual favours and if one turns down their requests, they either fail you in an examination or concoct flimsy excuses to get you expelled,” the girls alleged.

The proprietor of the school, Mr Hurry Kumar condemned the incident, saying that it was unfortunate that the teachers had acted in such a despicable way.

He said teachers were expected to be role models for the young girls.

Distress calls

He said he would put in place measures to ensure such an incident did not recur and would ensure that the two teachers faced disciplinary action.

“The matter is a very grave one and the two must answer for their actions,” he said.

When quizzed on the security guards’ whereabouts and why they took so long to respond to the students’ distress calls, Mr Kumar was non-committal.

Last week during a tour of schools by a high-powered delegation of Education ministry officials, Prof Ongeri warned immoral teachers against taking advantage of school girls to demand sexual favours, saying this resulted in unwanted pregnancies that disrupted their education.