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Govt warns Islamists of military action

Monday April 27 2009

By NATION Reporter

The Kenya Government has warned Somali militiamen of military action after reports that they are planning to take over North Eastern Province and subject it to Sharia law.

Foreign Affairs assistant minister Richard Onyonka has said the government will do anything to protect its territory.

“Kenya is a sovereign country. We have the capacity and the ability to stave off any incursions.”

North Eastern Provincial Commissioner Kimeu Maingi was quoted over the weekend as saying the Al-Shabaab, a militia group with links to Al-Qaeda, had officially communicated to the government, saying “they would stop at nothing, including armed conflict, to invade the province and make it part of their country and rule it using their religious laws”.

Speaking on the sidelines of a Somalia conference in Nairobi exploring the country’s civil service training opportunities, Mr Onyonka said such threats would not deter Kenya from ensuring that the Transitional Federal Government (TFG) in Somalia is successful in achieving its agenda.

Mr Maingi had said the abduction of several Kenyan citizens at the border town of Mandera was part of Al-Shabaab’s wider scheme to aggress Kenya.