Lobbies to adopt new plan as sex strike ends

Tuesday May 5 2009

Ms Jelioth  Karuri, First vice-national  chairperson, Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation (left), with Ms Ann Njogu (centre), the CEO of  Creaw,  and Ms Rukia Subow,  Maendeleo chairperson, during a  press conference.

Ms Jelioth Karuri, First vice-national chairperson, Maendeleo Ya Wanawake Organisation (left), with Ms Ann Njogu (centre), the CEO of Creaw and Ms Rukia Subow, Maendeleo chairperson, when they announced the sex boycott on April 29, 2009. Photo/FILE 

By NATION Correspondent

Women lobbyists who called a sex strike last week to push Kenya leaders to end political bickering are set to unveil a 90-day plan to continue their fight as the bedroom boycott ends on Wednesday.

The lobbyists, calling themselves Gender 10, said the action plan was aimed at pushing government leaders to end wrangles and focus on issues affecting Kenyans.

At the same time the women said they were pleased with President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s meeting on Monday.

Speaking on behalf of the women organisations involved, Centre for Rights Education and Awareness director Ann Njogu said the two leaders’ meeting was one of the things they were pushing for.

“We are happy because they are setting the way forward,” she said. “ We are now looking forward to them calling for a Cabinet meeting,” she said.

Although the 90-day plan may not be as drastic as the sex boycott, Ms Njogu said it would ensure that politicians are monitored and the public informed whenever any of them fell short of what was expected.

They asked Kenyans to be vigilant in monitoring the leaders as they held the country’s future in their hands. On Friday, the group plans to hand the President and PM a list of key issues they expect them to address.

Lost faith in

The leaders are expected to commit themselves to saving the credibility of institutions which the women said Kenyans had lost faith in. These are the Presidency, Parliament and Judiciary.

For the Presidency, they want a firm and visionary leadership, with a defined destination for its people. They also want reforms to take place in the Judiciary.

Both Mr Kibaki and Mr Odinga are expected to assent that they will restore security and deliver the country from living at the mercy of felons.

Following the recent killing of 28 people by the outlawed Mungiki sect, the women want the leaders to immediately tackle the issue of insecurity.

“Women want to go on with the business of building this nation, not mourning their children or worrying about their safety,” they said in a signed statement.