Kenyan man could not take sex boycott lying down

Friday May 8 2009

By NATION Correspondent

A Kenyan man has gone to court seeking compensation for being denied sex for the past week.

Mr James Kimondo says he was denied his conjugal rights by his wife, Teressia Wanjiku following a sex boycott call by a women’s rights group on April 29.

“I was a happily married man enjoying all the benefits of marriage, including my conjugal rights, until the rights group called for a national sex boycott. As a result, I was denied sex,” said Mr Kimondo in his suit papers.

Lost sleep

He is suing activists Ann Njogu, Patricia Nyaundi, Carole Agengo and Rukia Subow and wants the four women to compensate him for general damages he suffered.

During the sex boycott, Mr Kimondo said, he lost sleep and could not concentrate at work. He said he also suffered backache and was always in a foul mood.

Mr Kimondo said he was forced to sue after his plea for compensation was ignored. “Despite notice of intention to sue, the four have refused to compensate me,” he said.

His suit comes two days after a seven-day sex boycott called by 10 civil society groups under the Gender 10 banner. The boycott was aimed at pressurising President Kibaki and Prime Minister Raila Odinga to end squabbles in the coalition government.

The women said they could no longer sit back and watch the nation being torn apart by bickering and bad leadership by the coalition partners.