Low-key celebration at Starehe

Tuesday March 2 2010

By NATION Reporter

Teachers and students at Starehe Boys Centre were in low spirits on Tuesday after learning that the academic giant had only 13 students in the top 100 nationally.

For a school which produced 24 of the top 100 students in the 2008 examination, the thought of being outwitted by rivals Alliance High School, which had 18 students in the top 100, was too bitter to swallow.

Wild scenes that greeted the announcement of the 2008 results at the school were nowhere to be seen yesterday as only a handful of students, mainly from the lower classes, streamed out to celebrate.

This notwithstanding the fact that the school produced the fourth best student in the country, Fredrick Constant Oduol, and dominated in Nairobi with 39 students in the top 100.

Even the appearance of Oduol at the school at 1pm did little to raise the spirits of his former colleagues, the majority of whom remained in their classrooms.

After Oduol, Starehe’s second best student, Herbert Muhuri Gutuha was ranked number 20 nationally.

But the centre’s director, Mr Mathew Githyaka and principal in charge of academic affairs Paul Mugo put on a brave face, saying the general performance was impressive.

Mr Mugo said the fact that the school could dominate the list of top 100 students nationally was proof that the systems were functioning properly.