‘Maid in Manhattan’ to premier on NTV

Friday March 15 2013

Una Maid en Manhattan, an acclaimed drama, romance telenovela premiers on Monday on NTV. The show, whose title translates to A Maid in Manhattan, is a 163 episode show produced by United States-based television network Telemundo Studios of Miami.

A Maid in Manhattan, which has shown in over 22 countries, is based on the 2002 movie by the same title, which starred Jennifer Lopez, Ralph Fiennes and Natasha Richardson.

Maid in Manhattan the movie, directed by Wayne Wang, was based on a story by the late revered film maker John Hughes.

In the film, Jenifer Lopez plays Marisa Ventura a single mother working in an uptown Manhattan hotel to support her son Ty. A well known politician, senatorial candidate Christopher Marshall (Ralph Fiennes) staying at the hotel stumbles upon her wearing an expensive coat belonging to Caroline Lane (Natasha Richardson), a socialite and a guest at the hotel. Confusing her for Lane, Marshall falls madly in love with her.

Trouble arises, however, when the real Lane returns and also has an interest in Marshall. Marisa has to choose between her job and a relationship that could as well be a simple fling.

In the telenovela, a few things are different from the movie. Marisa Lujan, played by Litzy, works as an administrator at a small hotel in Michoacan, a state in Mexico with the highest rate of migration to the US. Marisa is hardworking and resourceful supplementing her work with selling souvenirs to tourists.

Young and naïve, Marisa falls in love with Victor, an adventurous American tourist who often visits the small town. Marisa soon becomes pregnant and, although she has dreams of raising her child in a steady family, Victor does not want to be tied down by commitment. Victor returns to the US, visiting only occasionally and providing very little support to Marisa and her son.

Unfortunately, the small town of Michoacan is slowly being taken over by drug traffickers. Unknown to her, owners of the hotel where she works have been forced to sell it to drug dealers who want to house bodyguards of a local gangster.

Unable to find a job anywhere else, Marisa has to choose whether to work for the outlaws or leave the country for the US. For the sake of her son, she decides it’s best to leave. Her son Lalo, growing smarter and smarter by day, suggests that she marry Victor to guarantee them easier entry to the US.

Although she is reluctant, Lalo goes ahead and convinces Victor. The two get married and Marisa gets the required documents. Shortly after, Marisa and Lalo travel to Los Angeles where Victor lives. Also living there is Marisa’s mother Marcela. Unfortunately, Victor continues with his old ways; gambling, partying and women.

Marisa once again makes the decision to leave, this time heading north to New York where Belinda, her childhood friend works. She learns English and gets a job at a Manhattan hotel. Like in the movie, after a misunderstanding with her son, Marisa meets Cristobal Parker Salas, a young successful businessman.

Here, the Manhattan maid’s adventure begins.