Border town residents live in fear after spate of raids

Friday April 26 2013


Tension blamed on the cattle rustling menace remained high on the border of Kenya and Tanzania on Friday.

Most shops remained closed as police officers patrolled villages in Kuria East constituency, Migori County.

Following recent raids, the Migori County government has expressed concern over rising insecurity in the area.

Governor Okoth Obado and his deputy Mr Mahanga Mwita said they would no longer sit back and watch killings and cattle rustling in the region.

“We are telling the entire district security team to stop the crime or get prepared to leave. Our duty as leaders will be to protect the lives and property of people at all costs,” said Mr Obado.

The residents expressed fear that locals schools might not re-open next month unless security was restored in the region.

“The situation here is very volatile and we may not release our children to go to school because even some teachers have fled from their homes,” said a father of five, Mr James Marwa.

This week, five people were killed near the border in a foiled cattle rustling incident.

The victims, believed to be raiders, were killed as the residents said they were tired of having sleepless nights over the violence.

The suspects were shot dead during a shoot-out with police before residents stoned their lifeless bodies at Itambe-Igena centre, according to the area police boss Gladys Ogonda.