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Njue dismisses 'Catholic' condom advert

Tuesday May 7 2013

Kenya Episcopal Conference chairman John Cardinal Njue. Photo/FILE

Kenya Episcopal Conference chairman John Cardinal Njue. Photo/FILE 

By LILLIAN ONYANGO ([email protected])

The Catholic Church has distanced itself from advertisements that promote condom use and reaffirmed its stand against such contraception methods.

Chairman of the Kenya Episcopal Conference John Cardinal Njue said those behind the “Catholics for Choice” advertisements are not Catholics and urged that they be disregarded.

“The Catholic Church teaches that sex is good and sacred in the context of marriage. Thus married couples are encouraged to be faithful in their marriage, and the young people are encouraged to remain chaste until marriage,” he said while addressing the media in his Waumini House office in Nairobi on Tuesday.

The advertisement, that appeared in local dailies last month, was sponsored by the Catholics for Choice movement and advocated for the use of condoms.

It attempted to redefine church teachings on condom use and what it means to be a good Catholic faithful. “Good Catholics use condoms,” it stated.

Cardinal Njue reiterated that the stand of the Universal Catholic Church on condom use has not changed and that they are Pro-life and not in Pro-choice school of thought.

“We take this opportunity to communicate to all who may be misguided by these adverts that the propagators are not an authority in the Church and are therefore speaking for themselves and on their own behalf,” he said.

The church leader described the notion behind the advert as a seed being planted for “negative attitudes.”

“Remember if the moral fibre of any nation is destroyed, then you have destroyed the nation as well,” Cardinal Njue said.

The move comes months after some religious groups called for the “Weka Condom Mpangoni” advertisement, which would be aired on national television stations before prime time news, to be struck out.

They argued that the advert was promoting immorality rather than playing its intended role.

During the press briefing, Cardinal Njue also chastised the move by Members of Parliament to disband the Salaries and Remuneration Commission in a bid to increase their pay.

“We feel very uncomfortable with their attitude and this matter ought to be approached with a kind of sobriety,” he said.

Archbishop Cornelius Korir of Eldoret condemned the MPs action saying they should lead by example and respect such institutions and the Constitution.