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Pay rise ‘key to retaining nurses’

Tuesday July 13 2010

By NATION Reporter

A “sweetener” may be in store for nursing graduates willing to work in rural areas.

It could include a salary increment of up to 30 per cent plus several other attractive incentives.

According to the Human Resource Development Sector Report 2010, the government plans to build and equip hospitals in each of the 260 districts and provide personnel for about 1,000 facilities put up through the Constituency Development Fund.

However, it has been grappling with the issue of how to retain health workers, especially nurses, in rural areas.


One suggestion has been to offer them a better pay, similar to that offered in the private sector, but no specific figure has been agreed on.

A new recommendation made by the World Health Organisation says the government may have to combine financial and non-financial incentives to be able to retain new medical graduates in rural areas.

A recent survey quoted some nursing students saying that even a 30 per cent salary increase alone may not be enough to attract them to rural areas.