Rogo's children arrested in raid

Wednesday November 14 2012

The late Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo Mohammed at a Mombasa Court. Photo/FILE

The late Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo Mohammed at a Mombasa Court. Photo/FILE NATION MEDIA GROUP

By ANTHONY KITIMO [email protected]

Police on Tuesday night arrested three people during a raid at the home of the late Muslim cleric Aboud Rogo in Mombasa.

Anti-Terrorism Police unit raided the house at Kanamai in Kilifi at 10pm a few hours after the wedding of Sheikh Rogo’s daughter, Rumeisa Rogo. Read (Tension in Mombasa as Al-Shabaab suspect Rogo killed)

Police raided the house while visitors were having dinner before arresting Sheikh Rogo’s 17-year-old son known as Khubedi.

Mr Akasha Hassan, a nephew of Sheikh Rogo said a group of more than 10 police officers with firearms surrounded the house and ordered everybody to surrender.

He said visitors were harassed and beaten up with clubs before police arrested Khubedi.

“When the officers arrived, they ordered us to lie down and threatened to shoot whoever disobeyed the order. While on the ground, they hit us several times and I sustained minor injuries on my right hand,” said Mr Hassan.

Mrs Khaniya Said Saggar, Rogo's widow said they suspected the bride and the groom were arrested when they left the house during the party.

“When the officers arrived, they described the vehicle which left the house with my daughter and her husband Mr Swaleh Abdi Majid. We suspect they were arrested at Kanamai town since they cannot be traced,” she said.

She added that the newly weds had tied the knot at Kanamai Mosque at about 4pm on Tuesday.

“The police might have been tracking them and we do not know their intention. We cannot report the case since we do not get any support from the government,” she said.

Coast Criminal Investigation Police boss Ambrose Munyasia confirmed the raid but he was reluctant to give much information.

“I shall give more comprehensive report about the raid once the operation is concluded,” said Mr Munyasia.