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Stranded commuters seek transport in social media

Thursday November 29 2012

By LILLIAN ONYANGO [email protected]

Stranded Nairobi commuters on Thursday evening turned to the social media seeking transport back home as well as vent anger on the matatu industry over their strike on new traffic rules.

Using hashtag #CarpoolKe, Twitter users managed to connect with stranded commuters on their route and offered them transport to their destinations.

The trending topic Carpool Kenya was initiated by the Kenya Red Cross on the social site.

Motorists, using the hashtag, informed others of the routes they were plying and the number of people they would be able to assist.

“At Capital Center Msa rd. Headed North Airport way. Any peep want a ride from this preacher? #CarPoolKe,” Pastor Wa told his connections.

While another on handle @kasonificent said: “Anyone headed to Ngong twn..And is at the junction? Space for 3 available. #CarpoolKE.”

Another gave themselves a pat on the back after offering a ride to others.
“I can say I have made sure 2 people reach home safe. Wish I could do more. I really do. #KOT #carpoolKE,” @iddsalim said.

Likewise, those in need of assistance sought to find a ride as others opted to walk to their homes at the end of the day.

Van Bett posted: “Anyone leaving town for Ngong Road driving? I need a ride#CarPoolKE.”

However, motorists and commuters alike were urged to exercise caution in the kindred spirit.

“If you're carrying strangers, or given a ride, be safe. Ensure someone else knows who you're with & where #CarpoolKe,”@akenyangirl warned.

The Kenya Red Cross was highly commended and a number of Twitter users complimented their efforts in serving Kenyans in innovative ways.

Njeri Thande ‏said: “Thank you @KenyaRedCross for the reconciling updates on the car pool and whoever started #CarPoolKe bless your soul.”

And on a light note, ‏@mkenyamghetto thanked @KenyaRedCross for enriching his vocabulary.

“Thank the @kenyaredcross for not only getting sufferers home but I’ve learnt a new word car pool #carpoolKE,” he said.