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Team sent to kill stray cat that ate baby

Thursday September 2 2010


Animal welfare officers have been sent to Garissa town to trap and kill a stray cat that devoured a new born baby at the provincial hospital.

A Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals officer, Ms Faith Ajema said a three-man team, led by Dr Ishmael Thoya had been despatched to the town.

Ms Ajema said she believed the cat had rabies, a viral disease that causes acute inflammation of the brain.

Animals affected by the disease turn mad and sometimes attack humans.

“We will also reduce the number of cats by neutering them,” said Ms Ajema.

Narrating the incident, the father, Mr Abdi Mowlid said a nurse told him the child had died soon after delivery and directed him to a room to collect the body.


Mr Mowlid said when he went to the room with two relatives, they found the cat tearing at the infant’s body.

“The cat hissed at us to scare us off,” said Mr Mowlid.

Medical superintendent Stanley Njoroge said the number of cats at the hospital was alarming and efforts to get rid of them had failed.