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Darfur rebels to get US aid, says news agency

Monday September 15 2008

Sudan's President Bashir addressing protesters

Sudan's President Bashir addressing protesters outside the Sudanese military headquarters in Khartoum in July. Photo/FILE 


The Bush Administration pledged to provide Darfur’s JEM (Justice and Equality Movement) rebels led by Mr Khalil Ibrahim with military assistance as a part of Washington’s plan to deal with situations in Sudan in general and Darfur issue in particular.

According to Information gained by the Sudan Media Centre in London, a meeting was held between JEM leaders, namely Jibril Ibrahim, the movement’s leader’s brother, Altahir Alfakki and Haroun Abdulhameed and Mr Bejy Tchenny, allegedly a Pentagon official in a central London hotel.

The JEM leaders demanded that the Pentagon provide them with military assistance and training.

The US official lauded the movement’s commitment to the goal of removing the Khartoum regime due to its failure to commit to its agreements and pledges.

Mr Tcheny promised future cooperation with JEM, confirming his keenness to convey the issues discussed in the meeting to the US department, namely the Pentagon, to consider the possibilities of providing JEM movement with military and logistic support.

Meanwhile, Sudan’s President Omer al-Bashir has issued a Republican Decree relieving Pagan Amum from his post as Minister of the Council of Ministers.


Mr Amum is Secretary-General of South Sudan’s dominant Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

President al-Bashir also issued another Republican decree appointing ministers at the Government of National Unity, stipulating the appointment of Costa Manibi as Minister of the Council of Ministers, Professor George Boring Miami as Minister for Investment and Dr Peter Adock as Minister for Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The President also issued another Republican Decree appointing Ali Majok Al-Mumin as State Minister at the Council of Ministers.