Kenya, Sudan to import power from Ethiopia

Tuesday July 21 2009



Sudan's national Electric agency is set to buy power from Ethiopia early next year after grid installation was completed last week.

Mr Saddiq Haroun, manager of the Ethiopia- Sudan power linkage project, told the Nation that a 157km power grid installation was done from Gedarif region of Sudan to Ethiopian west border.

The entire project will cost $35 million and India's Import export Bank is to provide $25 million as loan to the Sudanese government.

The power grid consists of 400 towers which have a capacity of carrying 220KV.

Ethiopia is set to generate 4000 megawatts of electricity in the coming one year, which is double the national consumption.

Ethiopia has an agreement to export hydroelectric power, 200 Megawatts to Djibouti, 500 megawatts to Kenya and 200 megawatts to Sudan.

Currently, Ethiopia faces a serious power shortage and has been forced to ration power

After every one day there has been no power service all over the country, since last May 2009.

Ethiopia is building more than five big hydro-electric dams including the controversial Gibe 3 which is said to affect the flow of water from Ethiopia's Omo River to Lake Turkana in Kenya.