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Al Shabaab cut off man’s hand over mattress theft

Tuesday April 27 2010



A sharia (Islamic) court in Mogadishu run by Al-Shabaab Islamist group sentenced a man to amputation of the right hand.

The man, Shine Abubakar Hassan, was reportedly found guilty by the court on Monday of stealing mattresses and other domestic items.

The court also ordered Hassan to compensate for the value of the stolen items.

The amputation was carried out on the same day.

A judge of the al Shabaab Sharia court, Sheikh Omar announced that they found Hassan guilty of the crime when the limb was chopped off.


Mohamed Ahmed Kassim who was accused of killing another man, Abdi Hassan Khayre was sentenced to death.

The court’s decision was implemented on the same day and he was shot dead by a firing squad.