British PM pushes Rwandan president on M23

Friday November 23 2012


British Prime Minister David Cameron on Thursday urged Rwandan President Paul Kagame to put pressure on the M23 rebel group to withdraw from the Democratic Republic of Congo city Goma.

He also pressed Kagame to prove that the M23 had no links to the Rwandan government.

Cameron, attending a European Union summit in Brussels, called Kagame and DRC President Joseph Kabila and urged them to implement the communique they signed along with Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

"He used the calls to welcome the joint communique signed by Presidents Kagame, Kabila and Museveni condemning the M23 rebel group and calling on them to pull out of Goma," a Downing Street spokesman said.

"He encouraged both leaders to do all they could to translate the communique into action.

"The prime minister urged President Kagame to do everything he could to put pressure on the M23 to withdraw from Goma.

"He made clear that the international community could not ignore evidence of Rwandan involvement with the M23, and that President Kagame needed to show that the government of Rwanda had no links to the M23.

"The prime minister then spoke to President Kabila to encourage him to work closely with Rwanda and Uganda to implement the communique. He discussed with President Kabila what more could be done to promote stability and security in eastern DRC."