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Lobby pushes for rights of Botswana sex workers

Tuesday March 6 2012



A Botswana lobby group has thrown its weight behind sex workers, saying police should protect them as they have rights.

The Botswana Network on Ethics, Law and Aids has been calling on the government to legalise prostitution, a plea that was also supported by former president Festus Mogae recently.
The organisation’s executive director, Uyapo Ndadi, said in the meantime, prostitutes should be able to report abusive clients to the police.

Ndadi said some men rape sex workers but the victims cannot report the abuse to the police because prostitution is illegal in the country.

“Let me make it clear, no one will arrest you for saying you are a sex worker,” he said during a belated commemoration of the International Sex Worker Rights Day in Gaborone.

The day had the theme ‘Sex Worker Rights Equal Human Rights”. Ndadi added: “And no one will arrest you for providing your clients with a service.”