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Namibia warns over spying on seal cull

Sunday July 17 2011

By DAVE NDJAVERA NATION Correspondent in Windhoek

Namibian police are on alert around the areas where seal annual harvesting is taking place.

The police have warned that anyone found in the vicinity without a valid cause will be ‘dealt with’.

This follows the confiscation of high technology cameras; clandestinely dressed as rocks endemic to the Cape Cross area where the largest seal harvest takes place annually.

The expensive equipment is suspected to have been placed in the vicinity by foreign journalists and animal welfare organisations ‘representatives, who are said to be in the country on tourists’ visas to film the seal culling process – described by many international animal rights organisations as inhumane.

What looks like ordinary pieces of rock to the untrained eye turned out to be high definition camera with optical zooming abilities; a large hard drive for mass storage of footages; a car battery for power, and a wireless router which would make it easier for the user to re-route images and footages to another device without having to be present on site.

The Police suspect that journalists and animal rights activists who could have placed the devices at Cape Cross are booked in lodges and guest houses at the tourist hotspot – some 20km away – from where they would trek on foot as tourists to carry out their mission.


Namibian Police Chief, Inspector General Sebastian Ndeitunga said the police have intensified security and surveillance in the area around Cape Cross and will not hesitate to arrest and detain anyone whom it suspect of attempting to film the culling.