Did Sunday Nation give Jubilee team Cord’s rally photo?

Sunday December 23 2012

Sunday Nation publication for December 23, 2012. Photo/WILLIAM OERI

Sunday Nation publication for December 23, 2012. Photo/WILLIAM OERI NATION MEDIA GROUP

An election rally picture spread across Page 22 and 23 of today’s Sunday Nation has sparked considerable controversy.

The impression has been created that an image of William Ruto was superimposed on the picture of a crowd at a Cord rally in the Sunday Nation’s city edition.

We wish to point out that the picture was not doctored at all. Although the crowd that appears in front of Ruto on Page 22 is from the Cord rally, the crowd in the picture on Page 23, is from the Jubilee rally in Mombasa.

Therefore the controversial image consists of two halves of different pictures. This mix-up was a result of a technical problem.

This error did not happen in our Coast and Western editions, which printed correctly. It only occurred in our city edition.

So how did this happen?

All changes made to our photographs and pages have to update, and to create a new impression for the press.

Each page must be updated independently. In this case the left half of the picture published in our Coast and Western editions showing Kalonzo Musyoka addressing a Cord Rally at Uhuru Park didn’t update, as it should have done, but the right half appearing on Page 23 with Ruto addressing a Jubilee crowd in Mombasa did.

The first PDF (A) is of the Cord rally. (B) is the correct one of Ruto at the Jubilee rally in Mombasa. (C) shows the mix-up.

We sincerely regret the mix-up, and apologise to Cord and our readers.