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Church urges women to go for top posts

Thursday October 7 2010

By PETER MWAI [email protected] and GEORGE MUNENE [email protected]

The Anglican Church of Kenya has joined groups calling on women to go for leadership positions created by the new Constitution.

Speaking on Thursday at a women’s conference organised by the church, in Nairobi, the ACK provincial secretary, Canon Rosemary Mbogo, said women should strive to capture competitive posts. Her sentiments were echoed by Water minister Charity Ngilu.

Canon Mbogo said women’s participation in national matters had been enhanced by the new laws and that they should prepare themselves to benefit from the gains.

“A woman should not see herself as someone who doesn’t have the capability. She should present herself and other women will support her,” she said. “They need to be a voice to help the country achieve the anticipated gains. We don’t want them to be caught unawares.”

Mrs Ngilu, who attended the conference, reiterated the need for women to take part in leadership in the country.

While noting the progress made in gender equality in Kenya and enshrined in the new Constitution, Mrs Ngilu called on other countries to learn from Kenya.

“Kenyan women are now aware of their rights and we are only building confidence in them.” Mrs Ngilu, however, warned women not to expect a smooth ride in the race for posts.

Elect professional people

At the same time, the National Council of Churches of Kenya wants Kenyans to elect professional people as governors in the 2012 General Election.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday after a one-day seminar in Kerugoya Town, the leaders, among them NCCK general secretary Peter Karanja, warned the voters against recycling the same political leaders whose tenures in the past had little impact on the lives of the people.

“We call upon the voters to avoid re-electing the same crop of politicians who have contributed very little to improve their living standards,” they said.