Hellon’s Placenta Party sets up base in Mombasa

Thursday August 12 2010

By NATION Correspondent

The Placenta Party of Kenya, founded by Joseph Hellon and Quincy Timberlake and their spouses has set up base in Mombasa.

The two and their wives Vineyard Hellon and Esther Timberlake, all members of the Finger of God Church, said they chose Mombasa because they did not want “to appear tribal like the other political parties in the country.”

“Other politicians identify themselves along tribal lines, but we have decided to come to the Coast province despite it not being our home area,” Mr Timberlake, the party chairman, said.

He said he will be vying for the Lang’ata parliamentary seat.

Mr Hellon, the party’s presidential candidate, said they were working with a top politician, who is also a Cabinet minister, to form one party in readiness for 2012.

He said they had not yet agreed on a name but it would be the Red Conservative Party or Red Revolution Movement.

The group said the party would press for amendments to the new Constitution.

Esther Timberlake, who says she will be Kenya’s next vice-president, said women in Coast must be free to decide on matters regarding marriage and their sexuality.