Karua was heckled for ‘addressing TNA rally’

Tuesday November 20 2012


A section of leaders from The National Alliance (TNA) on Monday blamed Narc-Kenya presidential aspirant Martha Karua for the hostile reception she encountered at a rally in Embu County.

Tourism Assistant minister Cecily Mbarire accused Ms Karua “of walking into a meeting organised by TNA grassroots leaders”.

“She (Ms Karua) tried to address a TNA meeting and was heckled by the youths,” said Ms Mbarire at a press briefing in Nairobi on Monday.

Ms Karua had earlier claimed that TNA officials plotted to have her barred from campaigning in the region and felt her democratic rights were being infringed upon.

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However, the TNA leaders termed her move to try to address a rival’s crowd as provocative, and was bound to draw angry reactions from the youths.

Ms Mbarire said her party members had no idea that Ms Karua was to tour the county.

They had on that day addressed two rallies and were headed to the third one, when they received reports that the Gichugu MP was already there.

She added that an OCS whom Ms Karua claimed refused to arrest the hecklers, had actually tried to dissuade her from addressing the meeting but to no avail.

Former Cabinet minister Njeru Ndwiga said Ms Karua had been well received during previous tours of the region, and could have been accorded the same treatment were it not that she tried to address the wrong gathering.