Kenneth pledges to fight hunger

Wednesday July 18 2012


Gatanga MP Peter Kenneth has vowed to help combat hunger if he becomes President.

Mr Kenneth, who hopes to vie on a Kenya National Congress party, said he would ensure food security for all Kenyans.

Speaking to the Nation from Isiolo where he opened a KNC office on Tuesday, Mr Kenneth said the country suffered from frequent hunger and famine due to bad policies and bad leadership.

He added that KNC would further ensure security for all Kenyans.

“We shall provide infrastructure countrywide. We will not neglect any area to open up them and boost development,” Mr Kenneth said.

The Planning and National Development Assistant Minister lauded Isiolo for being a cosmopolitan county that embraces all tribes.

“To build a nation we need to put the country first and tribes second,” Mr Kenneth said.

Mr Kenneth called on Kenyans to choose leaders based on their development record and shun corrupt, tribal and tainted individuals.

The assistant minister said the battle in the coming elections would only be between performers and non-performers.

Mr Kenneth has launched a countrywide campaign to market KNC as the vehicle he will use to vie in the coming elections.

The Gatanga MP has also sought support in the diaspora for his first stab for the presidency.

Among the other issues Mr Kenneth says he hopes to address are slum upgrading, adequate water supplies to all, boost agriculture, improve healthcare, education, tourism and generate employment.

“All these things do not require rocket science to address. With the support of Kenyans, I believe I have the capability to improve them for the betterment of all Kenyans. My record as Gatanga MP, in government and all other places I have worked speaks for itself,” Mr Kenneth said.