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Muslim clerics back Raila presidency bid

Monday December 24 2012


Muslim preachers from all 47 counties on Sunday threw their weight behind Prime Minister Raila Odinga, a day after he was endorsed as the Coalition for Reforms and Democracy presidential candidate.

Led by Sheikh Mohammed Warfa, the clerics vowed to support Mr Odinga’s bid for the presidency, saying the premier had been steadfast in the fight for equity and justice.

“You have been at the forefront in fighting for equity and justice for the marginalised. That is why we have decided to give you 100 per cent support”, Mr Warfa said.

The clerics told Mr Odinga to fully implement the Constitution if elected president, arguing that this would solve the problems of inequality in the country.

  • ISSUE 1 - Job Creation
  • ISSUE 2 -Food Security
  • ISSUE 3 - Healthcare
  • ISSUE 4 - Education
  • ISSUE 5 - Energy
  • ISSUE 6 - Water & Environment
  • ISSUE 7 - Social Protection
  • ISSUE 8 - Public Infrastructure
  • ISSUE 9 - National Security & Foreign Policy
  • ISSUE 10 - Boosting Exports
  • ISSUE 11 - Devolution
  • ISSUE 12 - Ethnicity

Cabinet minister Mohamed Elmi, Transport Assistant minister Hassan Joho and deputy Speaker Farah Maalim were among Muslim leaders present at the meeting that took place at Mr Odinga’s Karen home in Nairobi.


Mr Odinga assured Muslims that his government would ensure equitable distribution of resources and fight insecurity.

He also promised to expand the infrastructure in northern Kenya to open up the region for trade and other development opportunities.

“I have listened to the four main issues you have raised which are implementing the Constitution, tackling insecurity, employment and equitable distribution of resources. I can assure you that we have the answer which is full implementation of the Constitution”, said Mr Odinga.

Mr Odinga hit out at his rivals in the Jubilee alliance, saying they cannot be trusted to implement the new laws. “They did not want the new Constitution and cannot be trusted to implement it,” he stated.