New CDF law curtails MPs’ control on kitty

Sunday March 17 2013

The new regulations for the Constituency Development Fund have clipped lawmakers’ powers in the Fund’s administration.

The CDF Act, 2013, redefines the role of MPs in line with the Constitution and allows them to participate merely in mobilising community members for project identification.

The MPs’ other roles include calling for Ward meetings to enable the people to propose membership to CDF committees to decide on projects on priority basis.

This means MPs can no longer allocate projects to reward their cronies and none can make decisions arbitrarily regarding the usage of funds.

Administration of the Fund has now been effectively transferred to a board official- sent to each constituency-who will act as the Authority to Incur Expenditure (AIE) holder and thus accountable for any loss or embezzlement of the money.

MPs will henceforth sit on constituency fund committees as ex-official members exercising only the oversight role on projects.

The AIE holder will however, always consult with the area MP on the analysis of the names proposed at the Ward meetings to sit at the CDF Committee before submitting them to the CDF Board for forwarding to Parliament.

The Act also mandates the MP to convene forums in every Ward in the constituency to deliberate on development matters in the area.

Other changes by the Act involve the review of the membership of the CDF committee from 15 to 10 to make it leaner and more efficient.

The mode of constituting the CDF team will be nomination by Ward committees and relevant institutions. KNA